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Customsoundworks welcomes the new edition to family Carlee AnnaMarie Jones born may 16th 2011

Customsoundworks does it again featured in May 2010 cover issue of mobile electronics featuring our shop as a top installation shop in U.S awesome service and great products puts us on the #1 boards again!!

Custom Sound Works one of the TOP 100 INSTALLERS in the whole nation!

Customsoundworks finally has got the dyno!!
Customsoundworks has the REAL certified horsepower chassis dyno up and running . It is a Land & Sea Dynomite Pro 700auto chassis dyno with eddycurrent. It is FWD or RWD rated up to 800 wheel hp. certified and calibrated . here is some pics from the first Friday dyno night with Dynomike check the page for chassis dyno service for more pics and pricing.

We now offer wheel and tire order.

Nissan engine swaps and turbo kits on sale !

Baby Avery Jones born in may 9th 2006, is the new edition in Mike Jones life!!!

The Custom Sound Works crew start their own Bass Beasts!

Custom Sound Works has its fall SOUND OFF!

Custom Sound works Project "260sx GTR" has the heart of  Godzilla!

Mike Jones  the “SPL Expert” goes to Australia!!!!

Custom Sound Works is planning to do Dyno tuning for import and performance cars doing power upgrades !
coming soon!

Custom Sound gets a new Web Master and a New Life!!! Web Design provided by GrafixForge.com

Project 240sx club got off the ground with a great meet of nine local 240sx's and working towards the turbo systems of many in the club.
Come on by and check what these kits can do for you.

CustomSoundWorks has broken another World Record on B&K in Extreme Class to a 178.0db!!
Click here for more!

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Custom Sound Works Lubbock's best car stero installer!
Custom Sound Works is one of the TOP 100 installers in the whole NATION!

Why are we the most knowlegdable and best?

Custom Sound Works provides premier mobile electronics sales and installation for those who want the best. With 15 world SPL records,37 State, Regional Records total. Custom Sound Works will break the barrier. No other sound shop or competition team has won more records than Custom Sound Works. Our custom built speaker enclosures our tuned specifically for the vehicle and application you want. We guarantee results whether you want the loudest car on the block, world finalist sound quality installation, or you just want to improve your vehicles overall sound. We also provide professional SPL testing and host sanctioned USAC and dB Drag Racing events.

Our Knowledgeable professionals provide you with audio, video, and security systems that range from near stock to the most custom installation. We also provide for the growing demand for aftermarket performance parts for many cars. At Custom Sound Works, we pride ourselves in giving accurate information to our customers so they can make an informed decision about their automotive wants and needs.

Please spend some time looking around and then come and see what Custom Sound Works can do for you.

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Watch CSW Lubbock Dyno videos

1998 Texas Heat Wave Champions 159.7db

1998 USACi World Finals 1,001-up 3rd place 163.2db

1999 Iasca regional SPL Champions 172.5db

1999 Texas State Champion 174.0db

1999 USACi Outlaw SPL world record 1,000-5,000w 174.1db

2000 Iasca regional Champion 170.2db (first 170 in IDBL competition with 100hz filter)

2000 Texas IDBL Champions 171.3db

2000 Texas dB Drag Champions 171.5db

2000 Daytona Nationals USACi Outlaw SPL Champions 173.3db

2000 Texas State Champions USACi Outlaw SPL 175.4db

2000 dB Drag World Record 9+ 10,000w-up 171.3db

2000 USACi World finals:

  • Outlaw World Record extreme 1,000-5,000w 175.1db
  • Port wars ext. 1,000-5,000w 1st place 174.5db
  • Super dash ext. 1,000-5,000w 1st place 172.3db
  • Bass Olympics ext. 1,000-5,000w 1st place 852.3
  • 2001 Spring Break Jam:

  • USACi Outlaw SPL ext.5001-up 1st place 178.4db
  • DB Drag 9+ 10,000w-up 1st place 170.5db
  • USACi Legal World Record 168.5db

    2001 Texas Heat Wave Champions 172.5db

    2001 dB Drag World finals 173.6db

    2001 USACi World Finals:

  • Outlaw World Record ext. 5,001w-up 175.3db
  • Outlaw World Record ext1,0005,000w175.1db
  • Db5 World Record ext 5,000w-up 173.1db
  • 2001 Crossfire Dealer of the Year western region

    2002 Spring Break Jam

  • USACi Outlaw SPL ext 5,000-up 1st place 177.0db
  • USACi Legal World Record 171.8db
  • 2002 Texas Heat Wave USACi Legal World Record 172.0db

    2002 Texas Heat wave 1st place 174.1db

    2002 USACi Outlaw World Record ext 5,000w-up 176.1db

    2002 USAC World Finals 301-600w Sound Quality 2nd place- Joe Barnes

    2002 USACi Competitor of the Year

    2002 Crossfire BMF Extreme Dealer of the Year

    2003 Texas Heat Wave USACi Outlaw SPL 5,000w-up 175.4db

    2003 dB Drag World Champions 5+ subs. 173.1db

    2003 USACi Outlaw World Record 5,000w-up 178.7db

    2003 USACi Legal World Record 175.7db

    2003 TEAM GATES Peoples Choice Award "the best"

    2003 Crossfire BMF Extreme Dealer of the Year

    2004 Mardi Gras Nationals 175.8db pressure sensor

    2004 Regional Midland show 174.5db

    2004 Texas Heat Wave 172.9

    2004 dB Drag World Champions 5+subs. 173.0db

    2004 USACi Outlaw World Champions 5,000-up 173.8db

    2004 USACi Legal World Record 176.4db backed up 177db

    2004 Crossfire BMF Elite Dealer of the Year

    2005 TexasHeat Wave Champions 2 subs. 171.3db

    2005 USACi extreme Legal World Record 178.0db

    Burping the van is deafening! Even with the door open the presure is so great that it pushes the sunroof through the roof! Get Movie
    Believe it or not the van Does move! Its not too comfortable though. Get Movie

    Traffic stops as the Custom Sound Works Van pulls in to blow away the competition and set yet another World Record

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