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This is some of the major Competitions of significance listed, some of the smaller single point (around 17 Usac ,dbdrag shows not listed)

1997 West Texas Usac Spl Shootout  153.5db 0-100 watts 1st

1997 World of Wheels Usac 0-100 watts 155.7 outlaw 1st

1998 Midland Lowrider show 0-150- watts  157.8db 1st

1998 Texas Heat Wave Champions 159.7db

1998 Witchita Falls World of wheels tour Usac triple point Outlaw Spl  dbl point 1st 159.9

160.3 1st 1000-up Abiliene Usaci double Thunder on Wheels Outlaw SPL
1998 USACi World Finals 1,001-up 3rd place 163.2db

1999 Iasca double SPL Champions 172.5db texas heatwave 1st

1999 Heatwave  Texas State Champion 174.0db                                                                                                                                                    

Usac World Finals 1999

1999 USACi Outlaw SPL world record 1,000-5,000w 174.1db
unchallenged World record still stands ,loudest ever with stock window                                                                                                             s!

Dbdragracing triplepoint KS city 168.1 3rd place   -van

2000 Iasca regionals Champion 170.2db (first 170 in IDBL competition with 100hz filter) World Record 

2000 Texas Iasca IDBL state Champions 171.3db 1st

2000 Texas dB Drag state Champions 171.5db State Record

2000 OK city  Dbdrag regional 1st 1 woofer stock 155.2 db

2000 Dbdrag 1-2 superstreet dbl point Tyler Texas 1st155.8db

2000 SanAntonio lowrider series Dbragracing dbl point  
1-2woofers 1st 155.7db

2000 Daytona Nationals USACi Outlaw SPL Champions 173.3db

2000 Daytona nationals Dbdragracing 9+extreme 167.1 3rd

2000 Texas State Champions USACi Outlaw SPL 175.4db

2000 Texas heat wave Dbdragracing 1st 9+ 174.3db 

2000 dB Drag Finals World Record 9+ 10,000w-up 171.3db

2000 USACi World finals:
Outlaw World Record extreme 1,000-5,000w 175.1db

Port wars ext. 1,000-5,000w 1st place 174.5db

Super dash ext. 1,000-5,000w 1st place 172.3db

Bass Olympics ext. 1,000-5,000w 1st place 852.3                                                                                                             

2001 Spring Break Jam:

USACi Outlaw SPL ext.5001-up 1st place 178.4db

DB Drag 9+ 10,000w-up 1st place 170.5db

USACi Legal World Record 168.5db B&K

2001 Texas Heat Wave Champions 172.5db

2001 dB Drag World finals 173.6db

2001 USACi World Finals:

Outlaw World Record ext. 5,001w-up 175.3db

Outlaw World Record ext.1,0005,000w 175.1db

Db5 World Record ext 5,000w-up 173.1db

2001 Crossfire Dealer of the Year western region 

2002 Spring Break Jam

USACi Outlaw SPL ext 5,000-up 1st place 177.0db

USACi Legal World Record 171.8db  B&K  (1st ever over 170)

2002 Texas Heat Wave USACi Legal World Record 172.0db

2002 Texas Heat wave 1st outlaw 5000-up 1stplace 174.1db2002 USac Triple point Road show newmexico 1st outlaw 176.3                                                                                                             

2002 usac roadshow plainview tx outlaw  176.2 1st

2002 USACi Outlaw World Record ext 5,000w-up 176.1db

2002 Usac finals db5   173.1  avg. SPL 

2002 USAC World Finals 301-600w Sound Quality 2nd place- Joe Barnes (2pts away from 1st best soundquality car in world!)

2002 USACi Competitor of the Year (won cruise from USAC) 

2002 Crossfire BMF Extreme Dealer of the Year

2003Dbdragracing regionals OK triple point 170.3 on new pressuresensor 1st over 170 on new mic  and world record 9+ class

2003 Texas Heat Wave USACi Outlaw SPL 5,000w-up 175.4db

2003 dB Drag World Champions 5+ subs. 173.1db

2003 USACi Outlaw World Record 5,000w-up 178.7db

2003 USACi Legal World Record B&K 175.7db (backed with 175.9)

2003 TEAM GATES Peoples Choice Award "the best" awarded from beloved Alma Gates. we were honored to retire her bronco in trailer

2003 Crossfire BMF Extreme Dealer of the Year

2004 Mardi Gras Nationals Triplepoint 175.8db new pressure sensor

2004 USACi Triplepoint Regional Midland show 174.5db pressure

2004 Texas Heat Wave 1st 172.9 Usaci  2 subs outlaw 5000 up

2004 dB Drag World Champions 5+subs. 173.0db

2004 USACi Outlaw World Champions 5,000-up 173.8db

2004 USACi Legal World Record 176.4db backed up 177db

2004 Crossfire BMF Elite Dealer of the Year

2005 TexasHeat Wave Champions 2 subs. 171.3db

2005 USACi extreme Legal World Record B&K 178.0db

2007 Usac Lubbock show sngl pts  USACi  Legal SPL  176.8

2006 mikes children were born
Semi retired , Van ready to compete ,just waiting, and doing tech support SPL worldwide